Weavery’s first ever retreat, magnificent!

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Weavery’s first ever retreat, magnificent!

We had an amazing time at the Bribie Island weavery retreat – ahem, Weavery’s FIRST! EVER! – it was a beautiful, heartwarming and peacefully fun event. Nine of us spent the weekend together in an amazing house in Bribie, weaving, breathing, laughing and sharing our lives in a weekend suspended in time. Nature cradled us in her beauty as we sat on the beach, connected by the fibres in our hands and in our hearts, we called the dolphins…. and they came. Magical.

It’s always best to hear what others have to say about it, rather than just me. so here’s Leonie, Alana and Kimberley’s takes:

“I found the weavery retreat hugely enriching on many levels. It was a wonderful experience into which I felt so warmly welcomed and supported. The strength and healing power of the circle was felt throughout the 3 days. I was greatly inspired by Rene’s vast knowledge and intricate skills. I was particularly grateful for her ability to support everyone and explain techniques from different perspectives, giving time to repeat and break down working methods. The chance to share in the other ancient creative art-forms of Yoga and Ayuvedic cooking literally weaved us together as a group and added texture and vibrancy to the fabric of an amazing weekend. ” Leonie Rhodes

“Rene’s weavery retreat was a sublime feast for the senses. The weekend was spent deep in storytelling, connection and sharing of journey. Steeped in the oceanic magic of Bribie Island and immersed in the nurturance of Ayruvedic food, my spirit, mind and body combined to find a deep sense of peace… that now, a week later, has only just begun to dissipate. Much of our time on the retreat was spent in nature…creating a precious sense of reconnection to the elements. The new found skills garnered (Ayruvedic cooking, weavery in various forms and sharing from the heart) have enriched my life. I view Rene’s weavery retreat as a gift from spirit, a sense of the sacred channelled and guided through Rene, shared out among us. By the end of the weekend I felt that sense of the sacred cultivated from deep within myself…ready to be shared out in the world. “
– Alana Mason (Coolum)

“The Weavery Retreat 2011 hosted by Rene Bahloo was an absolutely fantastic fun, time.
Not only did we as a group learn to weave baskets from natural fibres, we formed a heart connection with each other as we shared our stories and weaved new ones.
Rene is a very talented an inspiring woman and it was wonderful to hear her amazing stories and learn the art of weaving. We even got to see some dolphins frolicking in the ocean whilst we were weaving away on the beach. It was a special moment for all of us as a group. As we continued to weave our special baskets we each chose someone to give it to as a gift which was beautiful. Morning yoga by Kathleen was rejuvenating and relaxing and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Also I must not forget to mention that we ate some delicious nutritious food, cooked and prepared by Kathleen, and had a lesson on Aryuvedic cooking from the talented Falu and Michael. Falu gave us an overview on the history and principles which was very interesting. Then we headed off to the kitchen and had a go at cooking. I have never ever seen so many spices in my life and the aromas were lovely. We all sat together and enjoyed the food. To sum up the weekend, it was a beautiful connection of love , support, friendship, great food and of course creativity using natural resources by the beach.”

– Kimberley Bradley (Gympie)


  1. Carlene06-27-2012

    Hi Rene
    I have some old chairs that have seats and backs that are intricately woven with a fine natural fibre. They need to be redone and I wonder if that is what you are able to do? The chairs are probably about 100 years old and it would make me sad if they couldn’t be repaired.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Rene Bahloo07-03-2012

      Hi Carlene! I am mostly occupied in teaching, I don’t spend much time producing. However, maybe you could send me a photo and I could give you some advice on the possibility of repairing it. Thaks for thinking of me though! Love, Rene

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