Newsletter 2 October 2011

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Newsletter 2 October 2011

Weavery in the park !
News and upcoming events…

Hello you brilliant and magnificent being!

Thanks for reading my last newsletter, it’s always fun to write, and it’s even better knowing someone’s out there reading it!

Since my last sharing with you, a fair bit has happened. I’ve breathed in exactly 1000059890000 million molecules of air… and more than twice as much love. I know, that’s not exactly funny, or even true possibly (except the love part), but I do love expressing my sometimes quirky sense of humour alongside my personal truths… and I feel safe in knowing you have your quirks too…… don’t you?

So, what can I share today? Lots! The weavery retreat – ahem, my FIRST! EVER! – was a beautiful, heartwarming and peacefully fun event. Nine of us spent the weekend together in an amazing house in Bribie, weaving, breathing, laughing and sharing our lives in a weekend suspended in time. Nature cradled us in her beauty as we sat on the beach, connected by the fibres in our hands and in our hearts, we called the dolphins…. and they came. Magical.
OOOh! Maybe I’ll quickly cut ‘n paste some words from Alana who shared in the weekend.
“Rene’s weavery retreat was a sublime feast for the senses. The weekend was spent deep in storytelling, connection and sharing of journey. Steeped in the oceanic magic of Bribie Island and immersed in the nurturance of Ayruvedic food, my spirit, mind and body combined to find a deep sense of peace… that now, a week later, has only just begun to dissipate. Much of our time on the retreat was spent in nature…creating a precious sense of reconnection to the elements. The new found skills garnered (Ayruvedic cooking, weavery in various forms and sharing from the heart) have enriched my life. I view Rene’s weavery retreat as a gift from spirit, a sense of the sacred channelled and guided through Rene, shared out among us. By the end of the weekend I felt that sense of the sacred cultivated from deep within myself…ready to be shared out in the world.”
Thanks, Alana!

I had such a good time at the retreat, I am now looking forward to the next one with great excitement! That’s coming up in January/February next year, with yoga, weaving and ayurvedic cooking oh so yum! So start hinting for a fantastic Christmas present from your loved ones… or treat yourself to some grounding ‘you’ time after the whirlwind of the festive season. Details will be revealed soon.

If you are really keen, I am too, and so, if you book in before my birthday on the 6th November, I will gift you $100 off your retreat costs! This sounds like a fun game…. mmm… if you are the first to book in (with deposit of $50 paid) you get $100 gift, if you are the second, you get $90, the third, $80 and so on… if you book together with a friend, well…. let me see… then you get equal gifts plus another $25 each! Remember, you’ll need to book before my birthday. OK, let’s see if anyone is game to play…

I am also co-presenting a retreat with my soul sister weva deva Anaheke in November this year, if you are interested in joining us or finding out more about this one, phone or email me, or keep an eye on my facebook page

I did a skype interview the other day for Creative Soul Cafe radio presenter Melody Green,, and it went really really well….considering it was my first ever. Perfectly, in fact. I had my 14 year old laughing at me in the background as I started the interview, and it took a whole heap of inner breathing and smile stifling to keep my voice even. Good thing I believe in holding space through the chaos of everyday life, because just as I began my guided meditation, the home phone rang. Loudly. Oops. “Think quick!” I joked out loud, and reminded listeners to take a deep breath and greet the universe in its entirety, distractions and all. And wildly gestured for my giggling daughter to pick up the phone. Thank goodness radio doesn’t have visuals. Then I shut off my own visual centres (eyes) and carried on as if nothing was amiss, because it wasn’t! Gotta have a laugh at life’s absurdities…So keep your ears peeled for the link to this event… maybe in a couple of weeks, Melody said, I’d find out when it will be aired. And I’ll let you know.

Noosa Biosphere day on the 18th September was a great success! I was surrounded by a group of excited and interested kids young and old, learning to weave a palm fibre bird’s nest basket. It was such fun. Next community event is the Festuri on Sunday the 9th of October at Happy Valley in Caloundra, so if you are wandering past the music festival on the go simultaneously, pop in and say hello! You might even get to weave a nest yourself!

In the past few days I have been listening to a voice in my heart saying that I could offer my workshops to all Indigenous Aunties for free. And I feel that it’s a beautiful thing to offer back to the women who first started me on my path as a weaver. So, I have decided to extend this offer through my networks to all of you Indigenous women who would like to join and share and weave with me. It would be my honour to be able to teach you to weave in the context of my modern day interpretation of ancient weaving wisdom circles. All it takes is a phone call or email to me, to find out the details, and I would be honoured to share with you! Please pass this offer on to any relevant networks or connections that might be interested. Thanks so much!

So, to finish off this newsletter, I guess it’s time to let you know what public events are coming up, in addition to those previously mentioned.
2 October – weaving in the park at Peregian Beach Park
9 October – Festuri Multicultural Festival
23 October – weaving circle opportunity
26 October – weavery circle in Brisbane – Coot-tha Botanic gardens
28 – 30 October – Island Vibe Festival, North Stradbroke Island
11-13 November – Reinbo Gathering, Samford Valley
24-27 November – Sisters of Twist retreat with Me! from weavery and Anaheke from weva deva – North Stradbroke Island
January/February 2012 – weavery retreat at Bribie Island
And of course, the butter factory in Cooroy is hosting a six-week course of weaving with me at the helm in October/November….great for your weekly hit of weaving wonders!

Please don’t forget that if none of these dates suit you, there is always the option of hosting your own weavery workshop and inviting all your friends and networks to attend at a flat rate, which ends up being a much more cost effective way of getting those fingers twirling!

I invite you all to check out my website- in -process at – it’s slow going at the moment with my large and varied workload but progress is certainly ongoing!
Join our conversation here, too, and see the photos and videos I post of recent events and links to upcoming ones. If you haven’t checked it out yet, that’s

There has also been some interest in an ongoing weaving circle – where we all come together on a regular basis and weave together. If this is something that you feel drawn to, please email me for more info.


That’s it for now. Thanks for reading! Have a great week… we’ll catch up soon.

Love, Rene

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