Newsletter 11

Facilitating conscious community...

Newsletter 11

Life and its little obstacles…

Hello again

I’ve never been one to write a newsletter just saying hello and what’s coming up…. there always has to be a story attached of some sort. No exceptions today. (though if you just want the lowdown on the workshops coming up, just scroll down…   up…down…)
This one comes with a message that’s been coming up for me lately: Blessings in Disgiuse.

Ok so Falu my ‘mum’ called me up the other day asking if I could take her and ‘dad’, Mike, to the train station – the first leg of their journey to the airport to fly off for two months overseas. Yes! Of course! I dearly wanted to see them before they left, and give big hugs and kisses. Only thing is, on that day I had a business meeting till 2pm, and had to pick the kids up at the busstop before coming to fetch them. Tight schedule. But never too tight for me, I told myself. I’ll just rush, and in the event of missing the train, I’d take them to the Goldie airport myself. Just wanted those hugs and kisses, and to see them, and to be of assistance because I love them, you know.

Of course the schedule tightened up even further as the school bus got there 5 minutes late, and I had forgotten to make space in the back for all their suitcases so I had a bit of quick shuffling around to do before we left Nambour. Now if anyone knows Nambour, you’ll know that just past the Big Pineapple, over the roundabout, Maroochydore Road has been widened and now looks like a highway… seriously! I hit that road running at the average highway speed of 110km per hour. I was going to make it in time to get them to station, I was! Now, if any of you who know Nambour had told me beforehand that Maroochydore Road is notorious for our (not so) favourite people (speedcops), I might have missed my blessing altogether. Luckily I was happily (and speedily) oblivious to the fact that I was doing… 40kph over the speed limit! But not for long.

OUCH!!!! So much for getting to Falu in time for hugs, so much for saving up for my unpaid rates notice, so much for being of assistance. Mmmmm… (and a supressed curse). I think… I just…. lost… my license. ##@@****^^%%$$$!!!!!! And four hundred and sixty six dollars. Breathe, Rene….. breathe…..

How do I integrate this challenge, weave this full of meaning so that I can let the heavy emotion go, and trust in the universe? What story can I see that makes sense to me, that feels right in my heart, that looks from the perspective of the lotus on the mountaintop? Surely this is just an obstacle. And with that thought I remembered a friend channeling a message for me at the beginning of the year: ‘The wind is picking you up from under your wings, Rene, you are set to fly! There will be a few setbacks, a few obstacles, but don’t worry, you will get over those in no time, they’re just bumps in the road.’ ‘Obstacles?’ I asked. ‘Yep, maybe… something like… speeding fines.’ SHE SAID THAT TO ME! So I went: ‘Ah! its just a setback, an obstacle, and I’m beginning to fly!’ And: ‘What can I learn from this, where is my opportunity here?’

And I have decided that the opportunity that will serve me best in this situation is… on the probabibility of getting a year’s probationary license with no fines: the neccessity to be conscious of every moment, to notice where I am inside and out, and to make the choice of driving within the set limits, every time I climb into the car. And not to slip into the complacency of auto-pilot. Surely there could be no greater blessing than to be reminded to be aware at every moment, to live each moment with full consciousness of the choices I am making (and not making…) A great gift indeed.

Offroad is another matter altogether – yee ha! (he he). Now if I completely lose my licence through a gross accumulated loss of points: the lesson? Dunno, there’s no use in worrying, is there? I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it! Make friends with the neighbours maybe…good friends…mmm… I can be creative in finding a solution! Trust in the universe that all will be just as its meant to be, in divine perfection. I’m thinking teleportation will be invented soon?

I had to call and explain my predicament to Falu… she got her neighbour to take them to the train station and I missed out on my hugs and kisses. That’s the worst punishment.

Anyway, I will under all circumstances be able to make it to all of weavery’s upcoming events…

The soonest of which is… our 1-day workshop in Redcliffe Botanic Gardens this coming Sunday (5th)! It’s a special one, so check out the link for this event and contact me if you are keen to join us. We will be making beautiful water bottle carriers that will be the envy of your friends! Brilliant gifts, they make.

September is coming up fast, and with it, our special Weavery Spring Retreat at Bribie Island. There are 3 places left, so if you are interested in joining us, do it sooner rather than later, and remember that you have just two weeks left to catch the eary bird price. Check out our facebook page for this event too…

At the end of the year we will be hosting an amazing 4-day retreat at Stradbroke Island –Authentic Reflection. This is a collaborative event between Emma Creed of Sound Affects and myself, Rene Bahloo of Weavery. It will be an amazing experience, bringing to you a sense of peace, of stilness, an opportunity to tune into the challenges and gifts of this year of 2012, and to integrate and consolidate and celebrate the coming of the new. We will weave, sing and laugh our way to a better way of being in this world, together.

For a list of more upcoming events, click on this link.

Our community is growing, weavery@facebook now has 459 likers, wow! Social media never ceases to amaze me with its networking power. Join our conversation here, too, and see the photos and videos I post of recent events and links to upcoming ones. If you haven’t checked it out yet, that’s

Also, feel free to browse our website, new things are appearing all the time…!


Thats it for now. Have a great week!
Love, Rene

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  1. annie07-31-2012

    Your brilliant, love yoooouuuuuu xxx

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