Priscilla, queen of the bush… a lesson in flow.

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Priscilla, queen of the bush… a lesson in flow.

Sometimes the universe throws big things at us, challenging us out of our ‘normality’ bubble and our perception of ‘what should be’. That happened to me big time when my husband found another woman (pretty much exactly 3 years ago), and I was rocked to my core. I guess that’s because I’d expected us to be together forever, just like we’d promised each other.

So today I had another expectation that I had allowed myself to become attached to, maybe not as huge as previously, but big nonetheless. However the universe had other plans – again – wow.

So my question to myself is: who am I, when not attached to any outcome? Who do I have the opportunity to become, by being in tune with the divine flow – as a lived practice, not just a spiritual concept😊?

Breathing really deeply right now, and sending out for guidance from the universe. I am different this time around. I am more aware of my ability to choose, to create my story. To be in a space of trust in whatever unfolds.

And guess what just unfolded – in a packed cafe, I got given table number 33. My special number – 3 – doubled. OK, Rene, you are the creator of your experience – ready, set… Create!!!!!

So this is what happened. I arrived in Darwin, slept a few hours, then picked up the hire car to go and fetch Christine Nabobbob, to take her home to the Sunshine Coast for a week full of connections and weaving workshops.… I called her up and she said this to me: ‘Oh my datta (little sister), I can’t come with you any more because I have to care for my husband James, he’s sick’. My heart sank, I felt tender for her and James, freaked out and understanding of her situation – all at the same time.

Then my head kicked in, flicking to all the time I had spent organising and manifesting this visit, the huge amount of money I’d invested in transport to get her to my home…unrefundable. And all the people on the coast, excited to meet her and be a part of this amazing opportunity to weave with a weaving elder from Arnhem Land…being let down. What a…e..

NO!!! That’s just a story. And I get to choose the story of my life. This is a BLESSING IN DISGUISE! However…what now? How to create that blessing into the form of a tangible outcome?

Ask for help. The universe first. Table 33. Really? Of course.

Phone calls to Christine. And to Gunbalanya – a messenger was sent out to find Christine’s cousin, Priscilla Badari. Priscilla weaves with us in our Arnhem journeys, we go with her out bush, alongside Christine, so she knows me well… Christine’s grandfather was married to Priscilla’s mother.

Two hours of waiting (and coffee). I will never be sure that my sweating was just a result of the hot Darwin weather.

Then a call from Priscilla. She would LOVE to come with me! Leaving tomorrow. Oh Wow. Oh My. Oh thank you universe, and Priscilla. I asked her: ‘so are you sure you are happy to travel with me on your own?’ (not a common occurrence, the preference is to travel as a group). “YES’, she said. “I’ll be with YOU!”

My heart melted. Who know what gifts will come from this turnaround, I see many already!

So I hope you are all ready to follow this little quirk of circumstance and come and join us as we weave together. Wish me luck as I drive out to Gunbalanya today and fetch Priscilla, for a safe and fruitful journey home to you all.

Love love and more love. Here is a picture of Priscilla, with Christine and Christine’s granddaughter, Tamika. Out bush with us last year.

Priscilla, Christine and Tamika

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