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Weaving is a practice that stems back to ancient times. Sitting in circle, weavers would spend the day creating beautiful and functional objects, fashioned from the fruits of the earth. More than creating objects, however, was the energy that got shared in circle; a nurturing, healing, expansive and grounding energy that emerged through every conversation, every feeling shared and word of advice given from a space of connective .


Why are weaving circles so awesome?


Weaving circles like Weave Heal Connected with Weavery are not just spaces to come and learn how to weave baskets. They are a place to deepen your connection


• to yourself

• to the natural world.

• to each other

• to the creative energy of the universe

• to your relationship with life



Why come?

Participating in a weaving circle will help you to:


• Feel connected and grounded as part of a collection of like-minded souls, sitting in circle.

• Learn new skills.

• Feel closer to nature by sitting in stillness and feeling the pulse of the natural world.

• Share deeply and safely in a nurturing, healing environment.

• Contribute to a strong, healthy community.

Weavery workshops are about providing a safe, creative space, where stories and experiences are shared, that contributes to the healing and wellbeing of individuals and communities.  Improved relationships with self and others result from this work, leading to greater community cohesion and wellbeing.


If you reside on the Sunshine Coast, we have something for you!

Rene Bahloo of Weavery is mother  to the Weave Heal Connected Collective – the Sunshine Coast Basketry Group.

This collective is an extension of the Pomona weaving group that grew from a project called ‘Weave Heal Connected – Weaving with Landcare’ – for furthering the practice of basket weaving with local fibres. It has evolved into a regular gathering of weavers who share their stories and lives while weaving a wide variety of baskets and functional objects, and is facilitated by Rene Bahloo of Weavery. The group meets up every Wednesday in Pomona, to weave in circle together. Beginners are celebrated.
These meet-ups are now changing in structure to enable the sustainability of the group and for regular and growing attendance to evolve. Thus the need for an online presence – a Facebook group page for anyone who can’t attend regularly, and for those who want to share weaving news/ideas/links/opportunities etc. For anyone to ask questions, to share or just to be present. You don’t have to live on the Sunshine Coast either. Just love what we do, and want to be a part of the energy we generate. We’d love you to join us.


Sample workshops/circles:


Weaving Wellbeing: In Community.

Palm inflorescence ‘random weave’ nests

This workshop is focused on healing through connection in community. Parallel to the process of fibre weaving, this workshop will focus on developing connections made with others in the group, actively exploring relating to each other in positive ways. We will use the process of the random weave technique to reflect on ways to build better relationships in our own lives. Learn the value and beauty of trust, letting go of preconceived ideas and beliefs, and open up to more of what the universe has available for you to experience in this lifetime. 3 hours



Weaving Wellbeing: With Self

Banana and palm fibre ‘twist weave’ water bottle carriers

Moving inward from the previous workshop, this session focuses on observing and honouring the relationship we have with our selves. The weaving technique chosen to parallel this aspect of healing is the twist weave. Through self-observation and reflection as we weave, we recognise that patterns emerge which underpin our thinking. We can then make conscious decisions about which patterns we choose to honour and which we choose to change.  3 hours



Weaving Wellbeing: With the Universe (inner self)

Banana and other fibre ‘exposed core spiral weave’ bowls

This workshop extends on the inward movement of the previous two workshops to focus on the healing power of active meditation and concentrated process. After initial technical direction, the group is guided to enter a space of stillness to experience the sensation of suspended time and inner peace that comes with being actively present in the moment. There is no imperative to stay silent at any particular moment throughout the workshop, rather, the invitation is to silently observe each moment and to experience it actively, letting the therapeutic value of active meditation emerge naturally.


In Weavery’s ‘Weaving Wellbeing’ three-day healing workshop series, we investigate our relationships with nature, ourselves and with others, and discover new ways of being in the world. Every day’s workshop builds on the previous day’s learning, however, each session can be undertaken separately as well.



Weavery walk and workshop adapted for Woodford Folk Festival 2012/2013


Walk your garden, weave your world! walk with Weavery

Weaving plants and ideas – Rene Bahloo of Weavery shares her knowledge of weaving plants through a walk in the garden of Woodfordia. While teaching how to harvest, prepare and store these plants for use in fibre art projects, she makes connections to a philosophy of life, as it reveals itself through the wisdom of weaving and nature. Participants will also learn to create a piece of twined banana fibre string, which they can later use to hang their talisman  (created in Weavery’s Weave : connect : heal workshop).


Weave : connect : heal workshop with Weavery

Create a woven talisman from a selection of natural fibres, feathers, beads and shells (and hang it up with your string created during the separate Weavery walk).

This session focuses on observing and honouring the relationship we have with our selves and with others. The weaving technique chosen to parallel this aspect of healing is the mariposa (butterfly) coiling method. Through immersion in process and gentle philosophical guidance, we get to recognise patterns that underpin our thinking. We can then make conscious decisions about which patterns we choose to honour and which we choose to change.

The talisman you weave will be an energetic reminder of this learning, a keeper of healing wisdom.

Please leave your shoes at the door.

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