Natural dyed pandanus fibre from Arnhem Land Australia

Pandanus pack

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Natural pandanus spiralus fibre packs – mixed colours – all natural, hand prepared and dyed. Pack includes approximately 60 fibres about 55g, and includes a selection of premium (thinner) and core (thicker) fibres. Fair trade. Ethical.

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Product Description

I am providing an outlet for my indigenous family to sell the pandanus that they split and dye. And their baskets. I travel to the NT to assist with transport (hire a ute) to harvest, collect dyes and then we sit together and do the business. I then buy the fibre from them and I mark it up to cover my costs for time and expenses, so that I can return and continue to build on our friendship which we highly value. It also helps my to continue the cultural connection work I am doing with these women, as I am on a mission to bring them to the coast here regularly, to my home for opportunities to share culture, but really to share my love, my family, my friends and my life with them. And to be able to take others up there to their country. I have built up a large network of weavers and people who highly value spending time with the women, who also appreciate the fibre and the cultural knowledge that is reflected through the fibre, and are happy to invest in it so that they too, can support this work (and get access to an amazing resource at the same time). It is my pleasure and privilege to be in a position to be sharing this work (and fibre) as it is laying the foundations for further growth together and lots more connection and fun and knowledge sharing. We are sisters, and when we are together I teach my sisters things I know and they teach me what they know, and we try out new things together. We have mutual respect for each other’s way of being and each other’s knowledge and it help us grow together and plan amazing things for the future.

Additional Information

Weight 55 g
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 5 mm
natural fibre

natural, handstrippe, handdyed


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