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Newsletter 10

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Aaaaahhhhhh….. a relaxing Monday doing the washing and all that neglected stuff to catch up on, after a long exhausting weekend at the Mind Body Spirit expo in Brisbane. But what a buzz it was! Four workshops a day, lots of people to talk to, lots of stories to share. Surrounded by weavings and fibre and friends, I was in my element. There was so much interest in Weavery, I was blown away! Thank you, universe, for leading me on this awesomely perfect path! And welcome to all those new Weavery members who signed up for this newsletter… here is another snippet of my journey…

Last week I booked flights to Cairns. For the whole family – yes! all six of us. Yee ha! I have applied to do workshops at the Eclipse festival in mid Nov, 2012, hold thumbs that I get selected.  It was a bit risky buying tics just for the fun of it, even though at half price discount (which was of course what swayed me!) Our first family flight! Yee ha! Manifesting fun and laughter. And we will get to see the FULL solar eclipse in 2012, wow!  Any suggestions of how to spend the last week in November, up north? I bet there’s a million cool things to see and experience in Cairns and Port Douglas…
But right now, its end of financial year, and I’d better get my stuff up to scratch. By stuff, I mean organizing skills and financials and that kinda thing… never been my strong point, but hey, that’s the joy of running your own business… !! Please don’t tell me now I have to start planning, can’t I just go with the flow of the universe? Course I can.

And speaking of flow, guess what? … I have just received a RADF grant for researching weaving and dye fibres to be found in South East Queensland, and I plan to share the my research process with you in a series of Weavery blogs! Just gotta set up the WordPress blogsite, connect it to my website and off we go! Yee ha! So, any smart plant or dye tips you might have, I’m all open to learning and sharing! I’m also going to be taking an active part in a project about repatriating Indigenous Fibre Culture on the Sunshine Coast with local Kabi Kabi elders, how exciting is that?

It’s in my flow to create a fibre-based artwork for a local exhibition… stirring up those creative juices to venture forth beyond the normal shapes and forms of traditional basketry, channeled through an inner space that I like immensely.  I wonder what it’s going to look like? Never mind, I’m sure it will be perfect. Everything always is, no matter how wonky it seems at the time. I’m thinking of maybe …words… (a hint) hee hee, no more cats out the bag till later though! Another creative expression manifested in my application in to Floating Land 2013, for a woven installation piece and possible associated workshops… hope I get selected!

I have a few workshop opportunities arising, on the near horizon. The first of which is the one-day workshop coming up at the Maroochy Bushland Botanic Gardens on Saturday the 14th July. Yep, that’s this weekend!
Then there’s a similar experience to be had at the Redcliffe Botanic Gardens on Sunday August the 5th. . This opportunity is in in alignment with the event “What’s cooking in the gardens?” so that you can bring kids and family and they can be entertained by the free kid’s workshops alongside, while we relax and enjoy the active meditation of weaving (a twist weave water bottle carrier). A weekday workshop on Friday the 10th of August, from 10:30am – 2:30pm, is offered as well, offering the chance to learn an additional weaving technique. Workshops are subject to numbers.

Spring is in the air, well soon enough it will be, and alongside, comes Weavery’s Spring Retreat … a delicious weekend on beachside Bribie Island filled with weaving, yoga and Ayurvedic cooking (an ancient ‘Science of life’, based on the flow of energy throughout the body/mind). Book in for this one now as spaces are limited… and it will be amazing! Check out the retreat info on my website at

OK, so, more weekday and weekend workshops are coming up at Goombuckar Indigenous Cultural Centre in Forest Glen, Sunshine Coast, as well as a six week course in Cooroy, at the Butter Factory Arts Centre, starting on the 1st and 6th August (Mondays and Wednesdays) I’m also taking a trip down to the Brunswick Heads area, where I will be sharing some magical times in a two-day palm fibre workshop, and then in September is the very special Spring Weavery Retreat! So exciting! Email me to find out about these events as details unfold every day.

One very popular weaving opportunity is the “design-your-own-workshop”, where, for a set fee, I come to your neck of the woods and we work our weaving magic with your chosen group. This can be quite cost-effective as you split the cost amongst the attendees. Great for community groups, environmental groups, friends, celebrations – wherever you are, I’m just an email away!

And then, when you’ve experienced one of Weavery’s workshops and feel the urge to do more (i.e. been bitten by the bug), you can come and join our regular weaving group on Tuesdays at Goombuckar Indigenous Cultural Centre in Forest Glen and carry on the journey! It runs from 11 30am till 2 30pm: for only $15 per week, come and hang out with us and let your creative self emerge… fibre is provided.

To see photos of my weaving groups at work and share our experiences without actually partaking physically, check out my facebook page at Enjoy!

So, just to recap the workshops:
14th July – one-day workshop at Maroochy Bushland Botanic Gardens $80 early bird $100 full price
5th August and 10th August – one-day workshop at Redcliffe Botanic Gardens $80 early bird $100 full price
August – weekend and weekday one- and two-day workshops at Goombuckar Indigenous Cultural Centre, email or call for details
Starting 1st August and 6th August: 6 week course – Butter Factory Arts Centre, Cooroy
August/September – two-day workshops at Brundwick Heads, email or call for details
14-16 September – Weavery’s Spring Retreat at Bribie Island $350 early bird $425 full price
Any other time – any other place, ‘design-your-own workshop’

Coming up in December is a really special treat my special friend Emma Creed and I are weaving up for you – a 4-day RETREAT at Stradbroke Island, where you can reflect on  your past year, celebrate accomplishments and integrate learnings from a place of inner stillness. To sing and laugh and to weave it all together, to recognise the masterpiece you have created with all its bumps and twists. And to open a loving space inside yourself for a new year of positive manifestation to enter. Sound good? Check out our facebook page here: with more info to come in the next few weeks…

Email me at, or call me : 0438 162 552

Have a great month!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Love, Rene

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